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The great reconstruct

A Word From The Author

Dr. Abraham John has been graced with an apostolic and governmental calling to restore God’s original order and design. Passionate to see the body of Christ united and the true church/ Ekklesia manifest on earth Abraham’s unique anointing helps people recognize their individual calling and gifts and then release them to fulfill their God-given purpose.

Abraham is the founder of The Kingdom Network in addition to The Kingdom University and The Ekklesia—the training and equipping wings of the ministry responsible for instructing believers from more than 30 different countries.

An internationally known author, speaker, and a Peace Ambassador to the UN, he is called to preach the gospel of the kingdom in every nation and to equip the body of Christ to administer God’s kingdom on earth to disciple their nations.

Abraham has been to more than fifty-five countries, ministering in churches and conferences, and has authored more than forty books on the subject of the kingdom of God.

Dr. Abraham John
FOUNDER - Maximum Impact Ministries (The Kingdom Network) in addition to The Kingdom University and The Ekklesia

What Happened to GOD ?

The great construct

God is the most loving, merciful, and kind Being in the universe. Then why do most people on earth want nothing to do with Him? If God is love, why is there so much evil and chaos on the earth?

The root cause of all the problems in our lives and in our world is wrong theology. Something happened to the way we perceive and know God. Unless we correct the way we perceive God, things will continue to go in the wrong direction in our lives and in the world.

Have you wondered why there are so many gods, goddesses, religions, and denominations? Are you tired of trying everything and looking everywhere for answers?

Finally, here is a comprehensive and practical guide to the truth that will set humanity free from the slavery of sin, religion, the devil, and from their own mistakes and failures.

In this exclusive video, dive deeper into the author’s insights, and key themes that will resonate with seekers of truth.

What Readers
Are Saying

Hear directly from readers as they articulate their experiences and emotions evoked by the narrative. In their own words, these testimonials offer an authentic and unfiltered glimpse into the powerful connection forged between the book and its readership.

“Here is another book from the pen of a modern day prophet, Abraham John.  His Kingdom books are a breath of fresh air moving across the surface of the Church and the world today!!

I strongly recommend this book to every sincere, thinking believer in Christ and to every intelligent person whose mind is open to the purpose of God for the human race for all eternity.

Ronald E. Cottle

Ph.D., Ed.D.

What Happened to God is the utmost revelatory book of the Kingdom of God. It is a must read, study, and rightly divide the word of truth!! 

Dr. Syvilla Pristell

“This book displays ground-breaking, church-shattering, totally- lie-dispelling, and such a wholistic, interwoven canopy of Truths never presented to the world before.”

Dr. Patricia Morgan

This book can be best described as disruptive of old religious paradigm, confrontational towards normalized doctrinal norms, theologically provocative.

Charbret Alexander

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